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Hogwarts Replicas

Custom-made artwork replica Letters, Magical School Documents, Magical Tools!

Artfully customized details with our easy personalization Questionnaire! 

 CUSTOM-MADE ARTWORK LIST  (U.S. shipping included*):
Hogwarts or Beauxbatons Student Acceptance Letter set (first or second year) of letter, 2 envelopes, supplies list, ticket, shipping.
Professor/Staff Job Offer Letter  set of letter, 2 envelopes, supplies list, bus & train tickets, shipping set, shipping
Beauxbatons Flying Horses Carriage Ticket 
Hogwarts Express Train Ticket
Durmstrang Ship Boarding Pass Ticket
Knight Bus Ticket
Ministry of Magic Job Offer Letter set of letter, 2 envelopes, bus & train tickets, shipping
Stuffed Toy Owl, 7x4 inches, new, collectible
 Graduate Diploma set, detailed w/ signatures, AMAZING custom badges, NEWT, OWL & Kwikspell Order Form docs! 
Magic Wand, handcarved wood, polished, custom wood-burn art
Magic Walking Staff, functional approx. 5 ft. (+shipping*) 
Burnt name paperslip, from Tournament Cup 
Kwikspell Order Form, NEWT & OWL Exam Docs set 
 Personal Letter from Favorite Character
 DOBBY's DREAM PKG - ALL 26 pieces, + staff shipping (reg. $245 for all)

*Shipping free inside U.S.A. for all items except Magic Staff, which is about 5 feet long and solid wood-heavy!  
Rush delivery or international postage is extra.